Choosing Photography Books for Your New Kindle, Nook, or iPad

Now that you’ve received you new e-reader device as a gift this holiday – Kindle, Nook, or iPad, etc. – I’m sure you are eager to fill it with great content, including photography books.

But first be aware that sometimes these devices are not ideal for viewing image-dependent books such as most photography books.  As the epub format evolves, this issue will improve, and of course the pages of a PDF formatted e-books can appear just as the pages of the actual book.  Be sure to look at the preview of the book before you purchase it to see how the images and page layouts survived the conversion to e-reader format.  And of course iPad apps that were intentionally designed to take advantage of the iPad’s capabilities should look great.

Some photography books and camera guides that were designed with e-reader formats in mind are my Full Stop camera guides!   They will (or should) appear nearly identical on an e-reader (Nook, Kindle, iPad) as they do in their PDF format.  This doesn’t allow for complex page layouts, but rather displays a continuous flow of text and example images, as seen in this example preview.

I offer several popular e-book user’s guides and tutorials for most all of the latest Canon EOS and Nikon dSLR cameras, plus an e-book on general dSLR photography, and an e-book about how to create, publish, and sell you own e-books.  All are available for purchase in the bookstore section of my website. Each e-book is available in PDF format, which you can view on your computer, print, and read on the iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc., and there are also dedicated Kindle and Nook versions at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and all are available via Apple iTunes and iBooks.

Click the titles or covers below to learn more:

Nikon Guides:

Nikon D7100 Experience
Nikon D7000 Experience
Nikon D600 Experience
Nikon D5200 Experience
Nikon D5100 Experience

Canon Guides:

Canon 5D Mark III Experience – updated for Firmware 1.2.1!
Canon 6D Experience
Canon T5i / 700D Experience
Canon 70D Experience
Canon T4i / 650D Experience
Canon 7D Experience – Updated for Firmware 2.0!
Your World 60D
Canon T3i Experience
Canon T2i Experience

Other E-Books

Ten Steps to Better dSLR Photography
The E-Book Handbook