Recommended Nikon D850 Settings

I’ve put together a comprehensive Nikon D850 Menu Setup Spreadsheet, with suggested settings for various types of shooting situations, such as Landscape, Action/Sports, Portrait, Concert, etc. The Excel spreadsheet covers all of the Photo Shooting Menu items, all of the Custom Settings, and various other camera and exposure settings. A free link to the spreadsheet is included inside my Nikon D850 Experience guide if you purchase that, otherwise you can purchase and download the spreadsheet here, where you will also find instructions for printing it out:

Here is an image of just a small portion of the comprehensive spreadsheet:

Nikon D850 setup guide menu custom setting spreadsheet quick start tips tricks

The setup guide spreadsheet is a great companion to my full D850 guide, Nikon D850 Experience, which is a clear and comprehensive guide to the camera. The full guide explains all the Menu and Custom Settings items, as well as all of the other camera features, functions, and controls.

Nikon D850 Experience book manual how how to use tips tricks

3 thoughts on “Recommended Nikon D850 Settings”

  1. Doug;
    Thank you for the offer of a copy of your new book “The D850 Experience”. My review of your “spread sheet” kindle book was not as complete as I would have liked so I will add an addendum once I have had a chance to look at it more closely. My Nikon D850 will be delivered next Monday and I hope that your new book is available soon as I am sure that it will help me a lot in getting an understanding of my new camera. Thank you again. If you would like to see some of my work, just get into the “Fine Art America” web site and do a search for Gordon Ripley. I hope you like what you see! -Gordon

    1. Doug,

      I am enjoying your Nikon D850 Experience while waiting for the camera. The camera has arrived and much pleased with the update over my D800. However, I cannot open RAW files in Apple Aperture 3.6 with using High Sierra. The D800 allows me to so from the beginning. I cannot determine the reason. Does the D850 need updated firmware or is the problem with Apple? Perhaps others are have this issue as well.

      Thanks for you well written books. I recommend to those wishing much more than found in the manuals.

      1. Hello, I am glad that you have found my guide helpful! And thank you for spreading the word – please feel free to write an Amazon review for the book – thanks!

        Regarding Aperture, Macs and RAW files, the last I have heard, the D850 RAW files are still not supported. (From what I understand, it is just the OS that needs to be updated by Apple in order to support the files, and not the Aperture app.) You can search on some forums to find the latest news to see if that has changed. I came across this from a few months ago, with some suggestions for alternatives, such as using the Adobe DNG converter:

        Let me know if you have any other questions about the camera or the guide.

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