Nikon D5100 Unboxed – Hands On

The Nikon D5100 has arrived!
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I’ll be putting together a user’s guide ebook for the D5100, Nikon D5100 Experience, following in the tradition of my popular and well received Nikon D7000 Experience ebook.  See here to learn more about the new book, and be sure to check back in the upcoming weeks to see when it will become available!

The Nikon D5100 Reference Manual is available online here.  My Nikon D5100 Experience user’s guide builds upon the information found in the manual to help you learn the features, settings, and controls of your camera, plus when and why to use them in your photography!

I wrote a post comparing the new D5100 with the D7000, D90, and D3100, which can hopefully help you decide which model is the right dSLR for you.  Below are some brief hands on notes from the first couple days of use.  I leave the image quality reviews to the pixel-peepers, or better yet DPReview and dxomark.

Nikon D5100 Hands on Experience: The camera body of the D5100 fits nicely in the hand, and is a little bit taller than the D3100, so the pinky doesn’t fall off the grip quite as easily.  The rubber gripping surface and rubber thumb spot work nicely, and help retain the grip on the body, even when holding it at your side or carrying it around without a strap, and the light weight of the camera also adds to this ease of portability.  Those who prefer the ergonomics of a larger, more solid feeling camera body will have to look at the D90 or D7000.  The Live View switch, placed on the top of the camera at the mode dial, feels and sounds a little plasticy, but works find, and the record button for movies is conveniently placed on the top of the camera, near the shutter button.  The FN button, on the front near the lens mount, can be customized to adjust one of a number of settings quickly, like image quality, white balance, HDR, or +RAW (to take a RAW file in addition to a JPEG if set on just JPEG).  I prefer to make it an ISO button.  The side mounted rear LCD screen is a definite improvement over the bottom mounted, limited screen of the D5000, and rugged and durable.  The view through the viewfinder is a bit tiny and cramped, as is typically the case in this level of dSLR.  Changing settings is quick and easy with the “i” button and rear LCD screen.  Overall, the body, feel, controls, and LCD screen of the D5100 make for a great image taking experience.

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First images from the D5100, unedited:
Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100