Packing, Preparing, Procrastinating…

I am getting ready for my departure in a week…consolidating my life into two, probably three suitcases…amazed at how much space stuff occupies…

Please view my “Modest Request” and “Fruits of My Labor” pages above.

Permethrin and Mosquito Net

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  1. Of course you procratinating, that’s your middle name. If you were already packed and ready to fly away…well, we’d have to worry about you.
    Hugs, Amanda

  2. What can I say but Good Luck and Godspeed. Don’t forget to keep in touch and send some postcards to the kids! Love, Lynn

  3. Here we are in Sandusky, Ohio on our way to see you in a couple days. This blog will be great for easing my mind on how you are doing each day. You will be constantly in our prayers and we wish you nothing but good luck, and good wishes that everything turns out the way you are hoping.
    Love, Mom & Dad

  4. ure gonna have an awesome time man!!!

    disfrútalo!! and dont leave us melons alone!!

    much love

    ELVA :)

  5. The woderful thing about all of us is that God has given us talents that only we know and HE knows about. With the news of you returning to Peru brought this to my mind.Your plani n life has been given to you and only you can persue the true value and meaning of this venture. Think back when you were younger and in the scouts. I beleivet hat you reached Order of the Arrow. Remember that night when you were called out. A stranger, apearring as aIndian warrior, stopped and put his hand on your shoulder and spoke these words;” You have been chosen” I know that you understand the meaning of this story.( W.W.W.) Now do your best and always remember that your family is there for you. Good luck. Uncle Wayne & Aunt Kathi

  6. American dogs are MUCH cuter!!!

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