1. Hi, just want to let you know how happy I am with 70D guide. This covers so much more than the manual and makes much more sense. I’ve created a few tiny operating guides in my time and know just how much work and research has gone into this massive and concise work.
    As far as I’m concerned the ebook is an absolute bargain for the price and will without a doubt will enrich my user experience.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind feedback! Please feel free to share your review on Amazon – thanks!

      Let me know if you have any questions about the camera or guide. (PS I am going to move this comment over to the 70D page eventually)


    2. Doug,

      I purchased your new Nikon Df Experience. Without a doubt, the best Nikon Manual I have ever invested in. I down loaded the e-book to my Amazon Kindle DX and then loaded it onto my 17″ MacbookPro, iMac 27″ and my Samsung GS4.

      Your style is a joy to read, incorporating your Df Experience, the Nikon Owners Manual and Df camera together in a way only a well informed Master Photographer could. Your hands on approach works very well for me. I can tell you really had a great experience yourself using the DF! ;-) I own the F, FTN, FE, FE2,—- F6, D700, D800 and now 2 DF’s (1 Black & 1 Silver) These 2 have become my favorite over all my previous Nikons over 50 years. They are a pure joy to shoot… I have posted my 5 Star reports on Amazon.com, The Nikonian’s and passing the word to other local Nikon and other Photog groups here in Southern California.

      Wish you much success in Photography (Outstanding Work by the way) and also with the E-Book Experience Manuals >>>———>

      Thank You Doug, “Job Well Done Photog!”

      V/R The PhotogDog
      Kent M. Whitney


    3. I use Nikon d5100 and I’m unable to get satisfactory brightness even in the daylight. Whenever I click pictures, the brightness is not uniform in all pics. Which setting should I change so that all the pics have a good brightness?


      1. Hello, There could be any number of reasons why your image exposures are off. It depends on which Shooting Mode you are using, the current exposure settings that you or the camera is selecting (aperture, shutter speed, ISO), the Exposure Compensation Settings (which may have been adjusted to a setting other than 0), which Metering Mode is in use, and even where the active autofocus point is located. Have a look at my guide Nikon D5100 Experience to learn about all these settings and variables:



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