Number Three eBook – Wait, Number One!

I just happened to see that my eBook, Your World 60D, is number three in Kindle eBooks in the Photography – Equipment category, and number five in the Photography – Reference category!  So, I’m pretty excited about that.  OK, so they update that ranking every hour, and I’ve probably dropped back down to 15, but for that brief shining moment…!

edit (11/10/2010-12/16/2010) Actually, it has moved up to number one spot in both the Equipment and Reference categories, and pretty much stayed there over the past month!  And, it is in the top 1% off all Kindle books sold on Amazon (over 600,000 titles).

Learn about the eBook Your World 60D and how to buy it in this post here.

Doug Klostermann Canon 60D book Full Stop

I’m pretty proud to be up there with the David Busch guide, which I’ve praised many times on this blog, and the On-Camera Flash book, which I pulled out to study last night and which helped me immensely on my assignment this morning in a fluorescent lit office space.  Nothing like the satisfaction of gelling the strobe properly to balance ambient light to the flash-lit subject and not having to mess with color balance in Photoshop.  Plus his advice on where to aim and bounce the flash to best illuminate single and multiple subjects is priceless.  45 degrees up and forward usually is not the best you can do.  On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography by Neil van Niekerk is definitely not just for wedding photographers, but for anyone using a flash.  His techniques can show you that multiple off-camera strobes are not necessary for good event or assignment lighting.  I’ll be starting a give-away of a similar book, about natural light, from the same publisher later this week.  If that goes well, I’m going to request a copy of this flash book for the next give-away.