Minor Update to Canon 7D Firmware 2

Canon has just released a minor update to the previous major Firmware 2.0 update.  It fixes an auto off issue and a couple display errors.

Canon 7D EOS Firmware 2.0 2 2.0.3 update

Version 2.0.3 can be obtained here or on the Canon 7D product page at CanonUSA.

In light of this, please note that my Canon 7D Experience e-book user’s guide for the EOS 7D is the only guide (other than the Canon 7D manual) that has been updated for the Version 2 Firmware!  The guide includes all the new menu and Custom Function items and options, as well as explanations of all the other upgrades. Learn all about it and purchase it at my Full Stop e-book website here.

Canon EOS 7d e book guide manual firmware 2 2.0 2.0.3 update instruction