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2023-07-25 – Canon EOS R8 Experience – v1.0 Published – The guide is available on my website, as well as online at Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Nook, and Kobo.

2024-03-05 – Correction – The paragraph at the end of Section 12.6 on Multiple Exposures, right after Figure 12.31, should read as shown below. JPEG images can be used as the initial image for a Multiple Exposure, and not RAW or cRAW images. Thank you to a reader for pointing out this error.

You can select a JPEG image already taken and saved on the memory card as the initial image in the multiple exposure sequence by using the Select image for multi. expo. menu item at the bottom of the Multiple Exposure menu screen (see Figure 12.33). An image taken as RAW or HEIF cannot be selected as the initial image, nor can JPEG images in the M, S1, or S2 sizes, nor can one taken with the Cropping / Aspect ratio setting other than Full-Frame or 1.6x (crop). Some of the settings used for this initial, selected image will also be used for the subsequent multiple exposure images such as the Color Space. Selecting an initial image on your memory card will allow you to use an earlier image you originally may not have planned to use in a multiple exposure, or can help you to better compose and “build” a multiple exposure. These are possibilities that were obviously not available with film.

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