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25 thoughts on “Sign Up for Full Stop E-Book Updates”

  1. Hello Doug,

    I am really enjoying using my Canon 5D Mark III Experience e-book. I am certainly finding it helpful and informative, and that it is enabling me to take better control of my camera and the image taking process!

    Congratulations on such a well-written piece of work.

    Kind regards


  2. I recently upgraded my camera from the 7D to the 6D. I love your book Canon 6D Experience and look forward for any updates. I wish you wrote the manual for the 6D. The only thing I am sorry for is that I didn’t know you wrote a book for the 7D. Could have saved me a lot of time learning it. Keep up the good work.
    The only thing I didn’t understand from the book is how to take 5 or 7 bracketed pictures and then make an HDR picture on my Mac ( I use the NIK program), it is probably my fault, I am too old and my brain stopped working.

  3. After reading only a few pages I thought ” this guy talks sense”. Take everything off auto is one of my mantras. Why people spend big money on an expensive dslr then leave it on auto and shoot jpg I can never work out. I have used dslr almost since they arrived but it’s good to have a book about a new camera which explains all the controls and menu items and yours seems to be very comprehensive and clear.

  4. I have downloaded and printed your “Nikon D7200 Experience” book. How ever on the pull down about to be included in any updates, the D7200 is not listed. So, I used D7100. Please include me in the updates for your D7200 book.

  5. Hi Doug,

    The recent firmware update for the D750 was rumored to enable EFCS and Raw histogram. Do you know if it actually did?



  6. Doug, Nikon has released a firmware update to fix the Lexar SD memory card issue.
    Also, Nikon will replace free any Nikon EN-EL15 version 01 batteries that are sent in with proof of D500 ownership (serial number). The new battery is version 20. You may have mentioned this on your blog.

    1. Hello, Thank you for calling attention to these D500 issues. I mention this information in my Nikon D500 Experience guide, but I don’t think I shared it yet on my blog.

      1. Doug,

        Just bought your ebook D600 experience and this is my first look at your blog.

        Since I have a D600 which uses the EN-EL15 batteries, just a couple of questions (1) How can one determine version number? and (2) Should I be concerned? What is the issue with use in the D500 that is not an issue with other cameras using the same battery?

        1. Hello, The battery should say Li Ion01 for the old ones, and Li Ion20 for the new ones. Nikon will exchange the old batteries. I don’t recall why the Li Ion01 batteries were an issue with the D500, but they had a much shorter life. This was not an issue with other, earlier Nikon camera bodies. There is an article here that gives some info about it, and about the Nikon battery exchange:

  7. I bought the Canon 7D M2. Your ebook was an easy read, and i was able to apply what I learned quickly. The Camera is complex, and a good understanding of it’s functions is a must if you’re going to get the best out of the Camera and yourself. It will defiantly improve your Photography skills. I Highly recommend the ebook. You will not regret the experience.

  8. Dear Doug,

    look forward to any update of this wonderful experience.
    thank you helping a world full of readers who have
    benefited from your exhaustive research work.


  9. Hi Doug, just finished reading the Canon 77D Experience, and it’s a great instruction book. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper and get lots of practice. Thanks for this clearly written manual.

  10. Hi Doug, just purchsed and started reading the Nikon D810 Experience book and am impressed thus far. I also have a hard copy of David Bush’s book regarding the Nikon D810 and have been reading it for a couple weeks. I find yours a little easier to follow and getting to the point without all the rambling that I perceive with David’s book. It is a good reference but wanders around a lot (for me anyway), so yours so far is a refreshing change!!

  11. Great book. I downloaded the Kindle version and PDF file. Very comprehensive. After reading your book it opened me to a lot of features on my D750 that I didn’t know existed.

  12. Sony has issued a Version 3.0 of its firmware. Loaded, it has knocked out all the settings you recommended for the Custom keys and I still haven’t even gotten to the backend focus. Are you updating soon?
    Frank H

    1. Hello, I hope to be able to update the Sony guide soon, however, I am still in the middle of working on the EOS R and EOS RS guides, plus the Nikon Z firmware update! So it may be a little while before I am able to update the Sony guides. I apologize for not being able to do it sooner.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions or issues that I can try to assist you with.


  13. Hi,Doug, my most recent purchases are a Nikon D810 and your book. If it is half as good as the couple off comments then I’ll be very happy. I have the same issue,though, as one other person who commented, there is no mention of the Nikon D810 in the list of books to choose from while signing up for any’s this because the D810 is not a new camera?

    1. Hello, thank you for purchasing the book! Please choose the “other” option for the camera. Many of the older models are no longer listed on the form due to the fact that they are older models, and it is unlikely that there will be any more updates to the book or to the camera’s firmware.

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