One on One Digital Photography Lessons

I am offering one-on-one, individual instruction (or small group workshops) in all aspects of digital photography in the Boston and Cambridge, MA area. I will create a unique lesson with you that can include topics such as choosing a new digital SLR or advanced compact camera and related equipment, learning how to use the various settings and features of your digital camera, photographic composition and taking stronger images, processing and editing your images in Photoshop, and preparing for photographing while traveling. The lesson plan is up to you and is customized to your interests, needs, level of experience, and specific equipment. Subjects will be explained, demonstrated, and practiced in ways you will understand, remember, and use.

woman walking in front of mural
Central Square – Cambridge, MA – “Crosswinds” mural by Daniel Galvez

I will work with you to develop a session that can include:

Camera and Equipment
Choosing and purchasing a new digital SLR or advanced point-and-shoot camera, lenses, and photo equipment. (See this post for the complexities of dSLR camera selection that I will assist you with.)
Basic camera controls, settings, and menus (including basic shooting, metering and focusing modes, file type and picture style settings, the elements of exposure – aperture, shutter speed, ISO).
Advanced camera controls, settings, and menus (including advanced shooting modes – aperture priority, shutter priority and manual, advanced metering and focusing modes, ISO, exposure and focus lock, exposure compensation, custom menu functions, white balance, Raw files).
Any camera brand: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Minolta, Pentax, etc.
Operation, use, and understanding of different lenses.
Basic or advanced operation of external flash.

Composition and Creativity
Image composition (including framing, depth of field, motion, color, line, balance, point of view).
Creating more interesting and expressive images (through composition, light, pre-visualization, analysis)
Learning and examining the photographic and creative process while shooting. (See my blog post for an introduction to this concept.)

Digital Image Processing and Editing in Photoshop
-Importing in Adobe Bridge, adjusting in Adobe Raw (exposure, contrast, white balance)
Basic digital editing and adjustments in Photoshop (including exposure, contrast, color, levels, curves, sharpening, layers, cropping, file types).
Intermediate digital editing and adjustments in Photoshop (including adjustment layers, cloning, masking, color correction, black and white conversion, selections, actions).
Digital image workflow (including importing, saving, metadata and tagging, backing up, uploading to websites, Internet photo sites and blogs).

Travel Photography, Photo Walks and Tours
Preparing for photography oriented travel, workshops, or vacations.
Individual or small group photo tours / photo walks in Boston and Cambridge.
Individual or small group instruction while traveling.
Photo assignments, critiques, and portfolio assistance.

I am available for tutoring at a variety of times including weekdays, weekends, and evenings – your place, my place, or on the streets of Cambridge or Boston. Please inquire about hourly rates.

Learn to use your camera with confidence, get the most out of your digital SLR photography equipment, and learn to take better images. Get in touch with me at doug (at) dojoklo (dot) com.

Cambridge Public Library - terra cotta head
Cambridge Public Library – Cambridge, MA