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Updates and corrections for Nikon Z 8 Experience e-book guide.

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2023-12-21 – Nikon Z 8 Experience, v1.0 published. Available at, Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

2024-02-15 – Figure 3.116 accidentally shows the g2 options for the Lens Fn buttons, rather than the f2 options. This will be corrected in the Firmware 2.00 update.

2024-02-07 – Firmware 2.00 released. This is a significant update, adding several new features and options for stills and video, some of which are taken from the flagship Z9 model. Additions include Pixel Shift Shooting, Bird subject detection, Auto Capture, new Picture Controls, and Exposure Delay. The accuracy of 3D-Tracking autofocus mode has been improved for certain situations, and you can now also adjust the border width size of the AF Point on the displays, as well as adjust the shutter sound and volume.

You can learn about all the updates, and download the firmware from Nikon, here:

I hope to update the Nikon Z 8 Experience book as soon as possible, to reflect these changes and additions, either in the text or with a firmware supplement. If you have signed up for updates, you will be notified when an updated version of the book is available.

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