Canon 5D MkII at Lowest Price Ever

B and Photo Photo is selling the Canon 5D MkII body at the lowest price it has ever been: $1999.95.  Plus they include a great memory card and a shoulder bag for free!  Click on the image to head to B&H and learn more:

Canon 5D mark mk II low lowest price sale

Many are speculating, and I concur, that the replacement of the 5D Mk II (probably to be called the 5D Mark III) may be arriving in February 2012.  This doesn’t mean the 5D Mk II is outdated.  It is still an incredible camera with 21 megapixels, great low light/ high ISO performance, and of course the full frame sensor so that your wide angle lenses really go wide.  And 1080p video with all the frame rates, for the videographers.  Any aspiring pro or wedding photographer that won’t be able to afford the newest 5D Mk III when that arrives should consider taking advantage of this deal.