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Updates and Corrections for Canon 70D Experience – e-book guide

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2013-10-04Version 1.0 published for PDF and EPUB

2013-10-04Version 1.0a published for PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (Amazon)

Figure 5 in the text was an inadvertent repeat of Figure 1. Figure 5 should be the following 70D detail image. I apologize to the 20 or so people who downloaded the guide before I corrected this. Please contact me if you would like the latest version.

2013-10-14Version 1.1 or 1.1a for PDF, EPUB, MOBI (Amazon), Apple

Note added, in blue:

Continuous AF (Live View)
The 70D offers continuous autofocusing during Live View (and Movie) shooting, where the camera will keep adjusting the focus distance so that the subject continuously remains in focus, and thus when you press the Shutter Button half-way the camera will quickly autofocus. If you wish to take advantage of this capability for Live View shooting, keep this set for Enable (see Figure 53). The use of one of the newer Canon STM lenses will assist with continuous autofocus performance by being quieter and smoother (this is especially helpful if making use of Continuous AF for movie shooting). Note that if you make use of a continuous shooting Drive Mode during Live View to take several shots while holding down the Shutter Button, the camera will lock focus at the first shot and Continuous AF will not continue to track a moving subject.

2013-10-21unpublished note

Do NOT use a cheap, ultra-thin UV filter (or cheap other filter type) on your lenses, particularly the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens, as there may be filter-to-lens contact that can damage the front lens element.  See this article for more info.

2015-01-29 – Version 1.2 (All versions corrected so far, except Apple version)

In Chapter 16 – Lenses, Section 16.3 – Correction added, in blue:

EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM – This lens offers a very broad focus focal length range, from wide to telephoto…

In Chapter 17 – Photography Accessories, the model number of the remote switch is incorrect, and the Timer Remote is not compatible. See below for corrections:

Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3  Canon Remote Switch RS-60E3 or Canon Wireless Remote Control RC-6: These remotes will allow you to trigger the shutter of the camera remotely, allowing either self-portraits or the ability to release the shutter without pressing the Shutter Button thus preventing possible camera shake. There is also the Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 for time-lapse or long exposure photography.

2016-04-14 unpublished correction

In the caption for Figure 201, it should read “Shutter Speed scale” not “Aperture scale”:

Figure 201 – During Live View, tap the Shutter Speed icon (left) on the bottom of the screen (the icon that reads “125” here), and swipe across the Aperture scale Shutter Speed scale to change the setting (right).

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14 thoughts on “Canon 70D Experience Updates Page”

  1. I received my 70D in December & was excited to find your book. I don’t see the HDR or even a 4th camera icon on my camera menu. Are those extra options not there any more on the latest versions?

    1. Your Mode Dial is likely on one of the Automatic shooting modes. Be sure to put the Mode Dial on Av, Tv, P, or M and then view the menus.

        1. Hello, Please let me know where you originally purchased the guide, and please email me a copy of the receipt, and I will send you the latest version of the guide. You can get in touch with me at: doug(AT)dojoklo(DOT)com

  2. I bought my camera last summer, and had not really used it anywhere to it’s potential. Lucky for me, I stumbled across your web page when Googling around on Canon 70D subject. I have since purchased the eBook….HOLY COW! The amount of work you have put into the Canon 70D Experience document is simply INCREDIBLE! Thank you so very much for providing such an indepth, visual guide to help those of us who are determined to learn as much as we can to make the best use of this fantastic camera! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Linnea

  3. Hi, I just bought a 70D. I’ve previewed your book at KOBO and Kindle. Are these the latest version of your book?


  4. Just bought your Canon 70D Experience at Amazon. Went from a Canon FT-QL that I bought in 1968 (only 35mm SLR that could be loaded while running, and so repeatably that I could change back and forth between Pan-X and Kodacolor in the middle of a roll) to an XTi almost 10 years ago, and then to a T4i when it first came out. Got my 70D last summer. Major customization and terminology-shock, and I’m a techie. Hoping your book can decode the meanings and differences between such opaque acronyms as FEL and AF/AE Lock.

    I’ve just about decided that it’s not worth bothering with MicroAF adjustment when Live View AF is almost as fast as viewfinder AF – and should be immune to that problem since you’re focusing with the actual photosensitive surface. I’m a landscape and portrait photog – I might feel differently about this if I was taking pictures of sports, wildlife, or small children.


    Can the PDF be downloaded by those who’ve already bought the Kindle version? (Only found out about your blog by reading the Kindle book!) If I could print the Kindle book it wouldn’t matter, but that’s not allowed!

    1. Hello, Thanks for purchasing the guide – I hope you find it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions. (FEL Lock = flash exposure lock, generally not used that often if using E-TTL flash. AF lock = autofocus lock – very important when locking focus distance on your subject and then recomposing! AE Lock = autoexposure lock – for locking exposure settings on a subject or area before recomposing – you will learn all about this stuff in the guide!)

      Send me a receipt or something from your Amazon purchase, and I will send you the PDF version!

  5. Dear Sir,
    I have purchased a copy of your book from Amazon UK and I would be grateful to receive a .pdf of your book and I thank you for your assistance which is appreciated.

    With kind regards,
    Harry K

    1. Hello, I have sent you an email – let me know if you didn’t receive it – doug [at] dojoklo [dot] com

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