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Updates and Corrections for Canon 7D Mark II Experience – e-book guide

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2014-12-17 – Version 1.0(e or f) – Originally published on Full Stop, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. Apple iTunes versions coming soon.

2015-01-08Version 1.1 – The following typo corrections

Section 1.4, near the end of the section, the following correction, where it should say “RAW” not “NEF(RAW)”:

“But as each NEF RAW image from the 7D Mark II is about 24 MB in size, and as 32 GB cards become the new 16 GB in price, you can begin to see how it is all relative.”

Section 3.6, in the Viewfinder Display item, the following typo correction of “if” rather than “is”:

“You will use the AF5 Menu to dictate if all of the AF Points are displayed in the Viewfinder or just the active point(s).”

Section 7.3, in the AI Servo AF Focus Mode item just below Figure 205, addition of the word “be”:

“If the subject is going to be moving throughout the entire frame, intentionally passing from one AF Point to the next as you keep the camera still, you will need to be using AI Servo AF Mode along with 65-Point Automatic Selection AF Autofocus Area Selection Mode.”

Section 8.1, in the Case 3 item, deletion of the word “a”:

“Also, it allows you to quickly intentionally focus on different subjects at various distances, such as a skiing or snowboarding race with a several competitors…”

2015-01-16 – Version 1.2a (and Kindle version 1.2c)

Note added to Section 17.1 Movie Shooting Menus, in the Sound Recording item:

“When recording audio during movie shooting and monitoring the audio via the camera’s headphone jack, the audio noise reduction settings such as the Wind Filter or Attenuator will not be applied to the audio via the headphone jack, but will still be applied to the actual audio being recorded.”

In Section 3.5 Playback Menus, in the Slide Show item and in the Control over HDMI item, plus in Section 20.2 Canon 7D Mark II Accessories, I mention the Stereo AV Cable AVC-DC400ST. This cable is not compatible with the 7D Mark II, and the following text is removed:

Use the Stereo AV Cable AVC-DC400ST to connect to a non-HD TV.

2015-01-18 – Unpublished Correction.

In Section 3.6 Set-up Menus, in the File Name item, correction of file name prefix when the color space is set to Adobe RGB:

If the Color Space is set for Adobe RGB, an underscore will be first, so the prefix will be_MG_.

2015-01-30 – 7D Mark II Setup Guide Spreadsheet

In conjunction with this book, I have also created a free, comprehensive Canon 7D Mark II Setup Guide spreadsheet, with recommended settings for the applicable Menus, Custom Function settings, plus some shooting and exposure settings. It has complete and separate camera setup recommendations for different types of shooting, including:

General / Travel / Street
Landscape / Architecture
Action / Sports
Moving Wildlife / Birds
Studio / Portraits
Concert / Performance

The Canon 7D Mark II Experience Setup Guide spreadsheet can be downloaded from my blog here:

2015-05-21 – Unpublished Correction.

In Section 20.2 Digital DSL Photography Accessories, the item “Eye-Fi Wireless Flash Memory Card” should simply be “Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card”

2015-08-23 – Unpublished Correction.

At the beginning of Chapter 11 – Metering Modes, I refer to the “AF/Metering Mode Button” on the top of the camera. This should say the “WB/Metering Mode Button.”

2015-09-09 – Firmware 1.0.5 Notification.

Canon has released a firmware update for the 7DII, which fixes some autofocus, lens, and other issues which you can read about here:

You can download the latest firmware, version 1.0.5 here:

2016-08-27 – Unpublished Correction.

The link to Canon’s EOS 7D Mark II AF-Settings Guidebook has changed. This link was mentioned at the end of Section 8.2 and in the Conclusion. The new link is:

If that link no longer works, do a Google search for the Canon PDF file called EOS_7D_Mark_II_AF_guide_CUSA_9-2014.pdf

2016-12-21 – Canon Notification

Canon has introduced a Wi-Fi accessory, the W-E1 Wi-Fi Adapter, that fits into an SD card slot. This inexpensive unit will give you Wi-Fi connectivity with the Canon Camera Connect app for your smartphone and tablet. You will need to update to firmware version 1.1.0 to make use of this with the 7DII. You can learn more about it here:

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  1. Thanks for all your effort in producing this book. It is very helpful. I like tech books that speak conversational English.

  2. Doug, thanks a million for the Canon 7DMarkII Experience – I was ready to return the camera, for the manual that comes with it is totally ineffective. I had been desperate trying to find a book that would deal with the complexities of the 7DMII and found none. Yours is the only manual that really explains all the camera features and how to use it. I bought it immediately for my iPad. However, it would be even more helpful if there was a regular copy that we could carry in our camera bag, not just in the iPads. Will there be such a paper book any time soon?

    1. Thank you for your kind words about the guide – I am glad you have found it to be so helpful! At this time I do not offer printed guides, only the e-book versions. I have emailed you about sending you the link to the PDF version (in case you don’t already have that version), which you can print out if desired. Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.

      Also, please feel free to share your kind comments about the guide on Amazon, where I offer the Kindle version – thanks!

    1. Thank you for the kind feedback! I am glad you find the guides helpful. And thank you for pointing out the new link – I will add that to the 7DII guide updates page.

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