9 thoughts on “Nikon D7200 Experience Updates Page”

  1. I have just started reading the book and look forward to learning more about the D7200. I am enjoying the camera very much.

  2. Excellent book. Thank you for writing this manual in such a comprehendible yet comprehensive manner. You have probably saved me months of learning time.

    1. Thanks for your kind feedback! I’m glad you found the book helpful. Please spread the word, and perhaps leave a review on Amazon – thanks!

      1. My wife and I both left reviews on Amazon for this amazing book. I am also mentioning it on my Facebook page.

  3. Have the camera still in its box until July 13, my 70th birthday. Got your book and am just starting to read it. So far, its excellent. Upgraded from a D90, which will have a 2nd life with my 14 year old granddaughter. D7200 seems to be a significant upgrade from the D90!

    1. New to the Nikon D7200, new to your publication, looking forward to receiving all info that will make me a better photographer.

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