Interesting vs. Intriguing

I recently took this photo in Gloucester, MA.  As I was working on the RAW file and zooming in, I discovered that I liked the cropped version, perhaps more than the original.  It seems to me that while the original version (shown second, and which is actually slightly straightened and cropped itself) is interesting, the extreme crop (shown immediately below) makes it intriguing.  (I think I’m beginning to sound like Rick Sammon here!)  It imagine that upon looking at it, it may take a second to become oriented but then, following Gestalt principles, the eye figures it out.  Anyway, have a look for yourself:

Gloucester MA Mass Massachusetts reflection boat water harbor
Gloucester, Mass – extreme crop of original

Gloucester, Mass – minor crop of original

The interesting and impressionistic grey, black, and white reflections in the water – best seen in the top picture –  are shown as they were captured, with just a standard amount of Clarity and Sharpening done to the image.