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Updates and Corrections for Canon 5DS / 5DS R Experience – e-book guide

Published July 29, 2015 – Now Available!

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2015-07-29 – Version 1.0 (a,b, or c) published – available now at Full Stop, Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

2015-08-18 – Unpublished Informational Note – Tests have been done to determine the fastest memory cards for the 5DS, with the Lexar Professional 1066x 32GB CF coming in the fastest at 101.6 MB/s. You can view the results of the test here:


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Be sure to also have a look at my free and comprehensive Canon 5DS / 5DS R Setup Guide Spreadsheet. It covers all the applicable Menu and Custom Function settings, with recommended settings for a variety of shooting situations, to help you set up your camera.

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5 thoughts on “The Canon 5DS / 5DS R Experience Updates Page”

  1. Hi Doug,
    Thank you, Thank you! I am so happy that you put out your eBook for the Canon EOS 5Ds/r.

    I have been struggling to re-learn how to use my old Canon EOS D5 recently, because I have a company interested in selling my paintings.

    I always used my Canon camera on automatic which meant no raw files ( I was both painting and working/teaching and most of what was needed at the time were images to submit to shows or for creating a web site.)

    I always realized that this was a great camera for what I wanted to do. Even this newer versions of EOS 5D S seems to be perfect as I need really sharp images for fashion fabrics that use my paintings.

    Up side is that the images I had were not good enough resolution to submit- so I have to re-phograph everything I want to upload using RAW. Because my camera is so old, although I have begun to use it, I felt that the camera might fail.

    So I am getting the Canon EOS 5DS . I have three great lenses, and two tripods that will work with the new camera.

    Thanks to you, and your web site I did purchase your very helpful e book about the Canon EOS 5D S/R and learned that I needed to download from Canon the manual for this particular camera.
    The link you provided did not work though. So I went to the Canon web site and figured out how to get the manual. I can understand why Canon does not include the full manual ! (500+ pages). But since I really poured over my EOS D5 manual that came with my EOS D5 I knew how important it was to down load the newer manual.
    I can not thank you enough.

    I suppose this camera is not that interesting for a lot of photographers due to some limitations, but coming from old film cameras I really appreciate how well my EOS D5 does in relatively low light! No longer to I have to set up photo lamps to take photographs of my paintings against a black felt curtain back drop!

    again I really than you.

    Thank you for your dedication.

  2. Excellent and very helpful book on using the Canon EOS D5S/R camera, there is nothing else published that can come close to helping you use this particular camera.
    If you are trying to use this camera, you will so appreciate this ebook.

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