Yanapay Presentation

Here´s a pic from my group´s first big presentation last week.  We were singing a “greetings song” in rounds, and it actually worked!

(Photos can be found in this Flickr set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dojoklo/albums/72157604214855229)

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  1. Hey man I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so try to keep us posted as much as u can, and remember you can always ask me for help with spanish doubts or whatever u need ;)

    I remember the llamada girls from Colombia, but they say minutos minutos! jajaaj we dont have that in valpo (not that i know at least) so the first time i saw them i was in shock jejejeej cause they were really loud jejej

    got used to stray dogs already? jejejeje its so sad we have so many, but u always end up loving the ones on your block jjejej

    mua! much melon love

    Elva :)

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