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Here is a reposting of my Mother’s Day post from a couple years ago from Peru: Marilyn at Aldea Yanapay with tarjeta de la Dia de las Madres that reads: “Happy Mother´s Day Mommy, you are the prettiest of all the parents, a flower that blooms in my garden. For this I love you Mom.”

I haven’t written an update on Clara for awhile, so there is a lot to catch up on! As previously discussed, my friend Nienke put me in touch with an American special needs teacher here, Celeste, who then arranged for a young deaf Peruvian women, Karen, to work with Clara.  Finally everyone’s schedules coodinated, and they […]

Please view additional Yanapay photo essay at OK, so I’ve been very forgetful.  I forgot to do a special post for Tracie and for Aunt Vickie and Grandma on their donation days.  I will have to make that up to you…  BUT, today is Gail Zimmer’s donation day and birthday!  Her donation was for […]

I´ve entered myself into another photo/ writing contest, which again turns out to be a popularity-voting contest.  However with this one, there is no signing in or registering…you just click!  AND, you can vote once a day, every day, and keep voting and voting and voting for me! 1. just go here:‎ 2. look for […]

Aldea Yanapay – Mi Grupo de Amor: Arni, Roberto Iomira, Zakhia, Naysha, Jazmin, Lucero, Me Claudia, Rosy, Cecilia (not shown – Cristian) The presentation of the continents went great!  I contend that Cecilia and my group was the best, most prepared, and most creative!  We had a couple missing kids and a couple new kids, […]

Feliz Cumpleños a mi hermana, Lynn!! Jazmin y Marita Lots of news and developments the last few days.  I just found out I will not be going to Pilcopata to volunteer in July and August.  The volunteer coordinator just quit, for many many reasons, mostly based around how the organization is being run and how the […]

Bored with making friendship bracelets, one of my art class students grabbed a paper mache mask from the shelf and put it over his face. With the skill of a true comedian, he patiently sat and waited for a reaction. I turned around, saw him in the painted tiger face, and exclaimed, “Hola, Señor Tigre!” […]

At the Yanapay school there is a deaf girl, Clara.  She´s a little older than most of the kids, and no one seems too sure of her situation.  Does she go to school still?  How much can she hear and understand?  How much can she read and write?  I´ve been very concerned about her and […]

Here´s a pic from my group´s first big presentation last week.  We were singing a “greetings song” in rounds, and it actually worked!

The Yanapay kids – Jenni, Clara, and Maria de Fatima across the top One of the amusing modes of communication here is the human pay phone.  Women stand on the corners calling out “LAMADAS, LLAMADAS!” (CALLS, CALLS!)  One approaches them and uses their cell phone, paying a half sol per minute, about 20 cents – […]