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Cusco’s Plaza de Armas at night – all photos by the author – Every visitor to Cusco is likely to tour the Cathedral and a couple major museums, relax in the Plaza de Armas, and marvel at the exotic offerings in the San Pedro food market.  However there are additional essential sites and experiences […]

My lists of Peru and Cusco resources later in the post, click here: Peru – Cusco Resources There are a couple Peruvian / Andean related books that have recently been published and which I both just finished reading:  the wonderfully woven travel stories, characters, and histories of Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams, […]

This weekend – June 10-13, 2010 – is the annual reconstruction of the Keshwa Chaca, the last remaining traditional Inca rope bridge (actually made of straw or grass), which spans the Apurimac River near Huinchiri, Peru.  If you are in the Cusco area, I highly encourage you to visit the bridge building and the incredible […]

The Ucayali River, somewhere between Pucallpa and Iquitos. I once visited Istanbul, reaching it by ship, and realized that was by far the best way to enter the city.  One slowly floats past the bustling city, with exotic minarets poking up from the skyline, and then disembarks in the manner travelers had for centuries.  The city of […]

I haven’t written an update on Clara for awhile, so there is a lot to catch up on! As previously discussed, my friend Nienke put me in touch with an American special needs teacher here, Celeste, who then arranged for a young deaf Peruvian women, Karen, to work with Clara.  Finally everyone’s schedules coodinated, and they […]

Traditional dances from various regions of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile As the bus from Puno approached Juliaca, I turned to the campesina woman next to me and asked how I could continue on to the Festival de Tinajani.  Her face lit up and she told me, “Nosotros vamos a Tinajani tambien!” – “We´re going to Tinajani also!” I asked how […]

**Sorry, the links to most the photos got messed up.  Please view photos in the Peru gallery at or my Inti Raymi set on Flickr here. Here are some shots from the Inti Raymi morning ceremony to greet the sun, at Coricancha.  I got there bright and early, and hour and a half before, […]

You can view this entire photo series, with captions, on my website at in the “Inca Bridge” gallery. See THIS POST for my videos of the bridge construction. see THIS POST for the story of getting to the bridge site.  

Photos of the bridge building can be seen HERE, and also on my website at in the Inca Bridge gallery. Videos of the bridge can be seen HERE Rolando stopped the taxi right in front of the group of women weaving straw ropes, sitting by the side of the road.  Their kids immediately ran to the window, […]

See THIS POST for photos of the bridge construction. See THIS POST for the story of getting to the bridge site. Nearing completion of the Keshwa Chaca – Inca bridge made of q’oya grass – on Saturday afternoon, June 7, 2008 . The completed Keshwa Chaca – Inca bridge – on Sunday morning, June 8, […]

A map uncovered by Paolo Greer demonstrating that Hiram Bingham wasn’t the first outsider to “discover” Machu Picchu (and the farmers living there, who presumably knew it was there as well) A few months ago I met a real life explorer in the South American Explorer’s Club in Cusco named Paolo Greer.  He told me […]

When asked a question, a Peruvian will never respond that they don’t know the answer.  Instead they will always offer an answer, any answer, its accuracy and veracity: unimportant.  Ask the next passing Peruvian the same question, you will get a wholly contradictory, yet equally passionate response.  Put the two responders together and ask the […]


Here is where I plan to be this weekend, in Huinchiri, to witness the annual rebuilding of the Keshwa Chaca, or Inca straw bridge over the Apurimac River.  Notice how Huinchiri is a dot with no roads anywhere near it! Here are some articles about the bridge:

I had a few hours before a meeting in Ollantaytambo, so I snuck in to the ruins and took some photos: Some of the stones were very Noguchi -esque, such as the one in the background. Perhaps the Inca were Pre-Noguchian And the sky over Ollantaytambo  

Apparently Elvis once ran for mayor in Ollantaytambo And to make matters more interesting, he now lives there as a duck (see close up below)

Commuters encountered on the hike from Calca to the Huchuy Qosqo ruins near Lamay Just like a Martin Chambi photo, no? Which way to las ruinas?

It just wouldn´t be a religious holiday without the self-induced suffering.  And the whipping.  Even the kids get to take part! Get me to the Plaza on time!  (We will meet back up with these guys a little later…) The little guy was enjoying the whip quite a bit Often those are toy stuffed llamas on […]

I´ve entered myself into another photo/ writing contest, which again turns out to be a popularity-voting contest.  However with this one, there is no signing in or registering…you just click!  AND, you can vote once a day, every day, and keep voting and voting and voting for me! 1. just go here:‎ 2. look for […]

Plaza de Armas, Cusco, 11:30am See Flickr for additional kids in costumes, with balloons!

This monitor at the hostal is very bad so I can´t tell if I´m choosing the best exposures…

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