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A map uncovered by Paolo Greer demonstrating that Hiram Bingham wasn’t the first outsider to “discover” Machu Picchu (and the farmers living there, who presumably knew it was there as well) A few months ago I met a real life explorer in the South American Explorer’s Club in Cusco named Paolo Greer.  He told me […]

I had a few hours before a meeting in Ollantaytambo, so I snuck in to the ruins and took some photos: Some of the stones were very Noguchi -esque, such as the one in the background. Perhaps the Inca were Pre-Noguchian And the sky over Ollantaytambo  

Apparently Elvis once ran for mayor in Ollantaytambo And to make matters more interesting, he now lives there as a duck (see close up below)

Mi amiga Joetta told me we were going to “look at” some Inca terraces near Ollantaytambo (Oy-yan-tie-tom-bo), about an hour and a half outside of Cusco.  After a few hours of hiking in the sun, crossing a rushing stream, and climbing up the steep stone steps of the terraces, I realized I had not brought […]