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Traditional dances from various regions of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile As the bus from Puno approached Juliaca, I turned to the campesina woman next to me and asked how I could continue on to the Festival de Tinajani.  Her face lit up and she told me, “Nosotros vamos a Tinajani tambien!” – “We´re going to Tinajani also!” I asked how […]

**Sorry, the links to most the photos got messed up.  Please view photos in the Peru gallery at www.dojoklo.com or my Inti Raymi set on Flickr here. Here are some shots from the Inti Raymi morning ceremony to greet the sun, at Coricancha.  I got there bright and early, and hour and a half before, […]

You can view this entire photo series, with captions, on my website at www.dojoklo.com in the “Inca Bridge” gallery. See THIS POST for my videos of the bridge construction. see THIS POST for the story of getting to the bridge site.