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Here´s a pic from my group´s first big presentation last week.  We were singing a “greetings song” in rounds, and it actually worked!

Street dogs of Cusco, Peru

The Yanapay kids – Jenni, Clara, and Maria de Fatima across the top One of the amusing modes of communication here is the human pay phone.  Women stand on the corners calling out “LAMADAS, LLAMADAS!” (CALLS, CALLS!)  One approaches them and uses their cell phone, paying a half sol per minute, about 20 cents – […]

Coca leaves I have safely arrived in Cusco, and have started to settle back into life here. I endured a self-inflicted 6 hour layover at the Lima airport, and after 11 departures and arrivals to that airport, I still don´t know who its namesake, Jorge Chavez, is. The scenery on the flight to Cusco was […]

I just reserved a hammock, for September, on the support boat for The Great River Amazon Raft Race 2008! There are the luxury accommodations for viewing the race on the “Dawn on the Amazon III,” the half price accommodations on the “Dawn on the Amazon I,” and then there are the cramped, uncomfortable accommodations aboard […]

If you are in or near New York City, don’t miss this amazing exhibit on display at the Met until Sept. 1, 2008: Radiance from the Rain Forest: Featherwork in Ancient Peru See more of my photos from it HERE (sorry I didn’t correct the white balance of these snaps back when I took them). […]

I am getting ready for my departure in a week…consolidating my life into two, probably three suitcases…amazed at how much space stuff occupies… Please view my “Modest Request” and “Fruits of My Labor” pages above. Permethrin and Mosquito Net

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