Celebrate “Read an E-Book Week”

To celebrate “Read an E-Book Week” (March 6-12) as well as the release of my newest eBook Canon T3i Experience, some of my previous e books are on sale, including Your World 60D for the Canon 60D and T2i Experience for the Canon T2i / 550D.

Just go to my Full Stop ebook bookstore, (www.dojoklo.com/Full_Stop/) where you can learn all about the eBooks.

Canon EOS 60D book user guide Canon Rebel T2i / EOS 550D book user guide

Also available, the brand new Canon T3i Experience as well as Nikon D7000 Experience.

Canon T3i book Canon 600D book Canon T3i Experience by Douglas Klostermann Nikon D7000 book Nikon D7000 Experience ebook

Learn how to set up and customize the menus, settings, and functions of your Canon T3i / 600D, Nikon D7000, Canon 60D, or Canon T2i / 550D.  Then start to learn to use your powerful dSLR to its full potential so that you can improve your photography and consistently take better photos!  Download your ebook instantly and start learning right away.