Best-Selling, Most Popular Guide to the Nikon D5100 Currently Available

My e-book user’s guide for the Nikon D5100, called Nikon D5100 Experience, is the best-selling, most popular guide to the camera currently available!  How did I learn this?  Because it is the only guide to the D5100 currently available!

Nikon D5100 book manual download how to instruction tutorial

Through the flexibility of independent e-publishing, Nikon D5100 Experience is available months before any of the other guides for this dSLR are available.  OK, so maybe one of the other ones is selling more in pre-orders – I have no way of knowing that.  But for all the guides currently available…mine is on top!  And is in the top spot for Kindle Hot New Releases in the Photo Equipment AND Photo Reference categories.  And I’m quite proud of it.

Even if it wasn’t the only one currently available, I still think it is the most helpful guide out there, explaining not only the features, controls, and functions of the camera, but more importantly when and why to use them in your photography.

You can learn a lot more about the guide on my Full Stop bookstore website here:

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