The First Canon 5D Mark III e book user’s guide Now Available!

Canon 5D Mark III Experience is my latest Full Stop dSLR user’s guide e book, which goes beyond the manual to help you learn the features, settings, and controls of the powerful and highly customizable EOS 5D Mk III, plus most importantly how, when, and why to use the functions, settings, and controls in your photography.

Written in the clear, concise, and comprehensive style of all Full Stop guides, Canon 5D Mark III Experience will help you learn to use your Canon 5D Mk 3 quickly and competently, to consistently create the types of images you want to capture.  The e-book is available in either PDF, EPUB, or MOBI format for reading on any device.

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As one Canon user has said about Full Stop guides, “I don’t know how I could fully take advantage of all the features the camera has to offer without this publication! It’s well-organized, easy to understand, and succinct enough to keep your attention while still containing a wealth of information to get the most out of your camera.”

Take control of your 5D Mk III, the image taking process, and the photos you create!

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For experienced photographers coming to the 5D Mk III from previous EOS models, this guide explains the new and advanced features to quickly get you up and running and taking advantage of these capabilities, including the new 61 Point Autofocus System and its Modes, Area Modes, Menu options and AF Case Presets. Plus it explains the new camera controls, the in-camera HDR and Multiple Exposures features, introduces the new video capabilities, and guides you through all the Menu and Custom Function items to help you set up the camera for your specific needs. This guide is also designed for Intermediate and Enthusiast dSLR Photographers who wish to take fuller advantage of the capabilities of the camera to go beyond Auto+ and P modes and shoot competently in Av, Tv, and M modes; take control of the sophisticated 61 point autofocus system; learn how, when, and why to use the controls, buttons, and features of the 5D Mk III, and much more. It covers basic dSLR camera functions and exposure concepts for those learning digital SLR photography, and explains more advanced camera controls and operation such as using the various metering modes and exposure compensation for correct exposure of every image.

Canon 5D Mark III Experience focuses on still-photography with an introduction to the movie menus and settings to get you up and running with video. Sections include:

  • Setting Up Your 5D Mk III – Explanations of all of the Custom Function settings and Menu options, with recommended settings.
  • Auto Focusing Modes and Drive Modes – Taking control of the new 61 point autofocus system will enable you to successfully capture more sharp images in still and action situations. Learn the AF Modes, AF Area Modes, and AF Configuration Presets and how and when to take advantage of them.
  • Aperture (Av), Shutter (Tv), and Manual (M) Modes – How and when to use them to create dramatic depth of field, freeze or express motion, or take total control over exposure settings.
  • Exposure Metering Modes – How they differ, how and when to use them for correct exposures in every situation.
  • Histograms, Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, and White Balance – Understanding these features for adjusting to the proper exposure in challenging lighting situations.
  • HDR Shooting mode and Multiple Exposure mode – Configure and use these new features.
  • The Image Taking Process – Descriptive tutorials.
  • Composition – Brief tips, techniques, and explanations, including the creative use of depth of field.
  • Lenses – Canon lens notations and choosing L series lenses.
  • Photography Accessories – Useful accessories for the 5D Mk III and for dSLR photography.
  • Introduction to Video Settings – Explanations of the settings and options to get you started.

This digital guide to the Canon 5D Mark III is a 195 page illustrated e-book that goes beyond the manual to explain how, when, and why to use the features, settings, and controls of the 5D Mark III to help you get the most from your camera.

Learn more about Canon 5D Mark III Experience e book manual for the EOS 5DIII, preview it, and purchase it on my Full Stop website here:


10 thoughts on “The First Canon 5D Mark III e book user’s guide Now Available!”

  1. I have used “Canon 5D Mark III Experience” several times to navigate my way thru my new 5D Mk3. It has already payed for itself.

  2. Many thanks for your e-book, it has helped me organize my 5D Mark III.

    Like your guide, have read it several times, and highlighted it, and still am overwhelmed, BUT I love the camera!! Just need time and experience with it. Thanks for your effort in producing the Kindle Edition it has been a big help.

    However, as much as I like and enjoy the camera body, or should I say computer, it really is the glass that determines the quality of the image!
 Please keep me informed of any updates.

  3. Many thanks for your book. It really enabled me to make full sense of this incredible camera. I’ve now had the camera a few weeks (upgraded from a 600D) and am still discovering just what it is capable of. It just proves that quality is not just about the number of pixels (How many do you really NEED?). Its low-light capabilities are just awesome (especially if you shoot RAW and then process images in PS6. As with any sophisticated piece of equipment it really takes some time to get to know how to get the best out of it in different conditions. Your book really helped me to do this (Kindle version – so I needed to go to Flickr on my PC to appreciate the images properly). Thanks again.

    1. Wonderful! I’m glad that you found the guide to be helpful! Please consider sharing your review on Amazon :) (and let me know if you have any questions about the camera or guide.)

  4. Very well written book. I knew going from a 10D and jumping in with both feet into a 5D Mark III would be a steep learning curve, but this book simplified and gave practical application examples that greatly aided in my understanding of different functions. I wanted a camera that I would not outgrow and could perform to the maximum limits but was somewhat intimidated by this camera because of its complexities. I do believe this book has given me the basics to now begin using this camera with the capabilities to which it was designed.

    Thank you, Gary.

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