Setting Up the Nikon Zf Menus

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The retro-styled mirrorless Nikon Zf offers far more menu items and customization options than many previous cameras in the Z line-up. In order to take full advantage of this sophisticated camera, you are going to need to dig into the Menus and Custom Settings, and set up the camera to work best for how you shoot and for the type of situations you are shooting.

To assist you with this, I have created a detailed and comprehensive Nikon Zf Menu Setup Spreadsheet, which lists suggested settings and starting points for the Photo Shooting Menu and the Custom Settings. The spreadsheet has been updated for Firmware 2.0! It has complete and separate camera setup recommendations for different types of shooting, including:

General / Travel / Street
Landscape / Architecture
Action / Sports
Moving Wildlife / Birds
Studio / Portraits
Concert / Performance

Detail of the Nikon Zf Menu Setup Spreadsheet

The Nikon Zf Setup Spreadsheet can be downloaded from my website here. Printing instructions are also included on that page.