Choosing Photography Books for Your New Kindle, Nook, or iPad

Now that you’ve received you new e-reader device as a gift this holiday – Kindle, Nook, or iPad, etc. – I’m sure you are eager to fill it with great content, including photography books.

But first be aware that sometimes these devices are not ideal for viewing image-dependent books such as most photography books.  As the epub format evolves, this issue will improve, and of course the pages of a PDF formatted e-books can appear just as the pages of the actual book.  Be sure to look at the preview of the book before you purchase it to see how the images and page layouts survived the conversion to e-reader format.  And of course iPad apps that were intentionally designed to take advantage of the iPad’s capabilities should look great.

Some photography books and camera guides that were designed with e-reader formats in mind are my Full Stop camera guides!   They will (or should) appear nearly identical on an e-reader (Nook, Kindle, iPad) as they do in their PDF format.  This doesn’t allow for complex page layouts, but rather displays a continuous flow of text and example images, as seen in this example preview.

I offer several popular e-book user’s guides and tutorials for most all of the latest Canon EOS and Nikon dSLR cameras, plus an e-book on general dSLR photography, and an e-book about how to create, publish, and sell you own e-books.  All are available for purchase in the bookstore section of my website. Each e-book is available in PDF format, which you can view on your computer, print, and read on the iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc., and there are also dedicated Kindle and Nook versions at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and all are available via Apple iTunes and iBooks.

Click the titles or covers below to learn more:

Nikon Guides:

Nikon D7100 Experience
Nikon D7000 Experience
Nikon D600 Experience
Nikon D5200 Experience
Nikon D5100 Experience

Canon Guides:

Canon 5D Mark III Experience – updated for Firmware 1.2.1!
Canon 6D Experience
Canon T5i / 700D Experience
Canon 70D Experience
Canon T4i / 650D Experience
Canon 7D Experience – Updated for Firmware 2.0!
Your World 60D
Canon T3i Experience
Canon T2i Experience

Other E-Books

Ten Steps to Better dSLR Photography
The E-Book Handbook

Independent E-Book Publisher Full Stop Celebrates Successful First Year

Online and PDF versions of this press release available here:

Full Stop Publishing
good writing for better photography



Contact:  Douglas Klostermann
E Mail –

Independent E-Book Publishing Company Celebrates Successful First Year

Independent E-Book Publisher Takes Advantage of Newly Leveled Playing Field to Successfully Compete with Traditional Publishers

September 29, 2011 – Cambridge, Mass. – Independent e-book publisher Full Stop marks its successful first year of creating, publishing, and selling digital SLR camera guides and photography e-books.

Begun in September 2010 with the publication of its first camera user’s guide Your World 60D, the independent publisher currently offers nine titles and has sold over 6,000 e-books.  The majority of the titles are user’s guides aimed at Canon and Nikon digital SLR camera owners, including Amazon Kindle best-sellers Canon T3i Experience and Nikon D5100 Experience.  Taking advantage of readers’ growing preference for e-books and the increasing popularity of e-reader devices and tablets, as well as the digital publishing opportunities offered by major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, author and photographer and head of Full Stop Douglas Klostermann is able to reach a wide audience of readers interested in learning how to use their equipment and improve their photography.  As Douglas noted in a recent interview, “E-books and e-publishing have completely leveled the playing field for independent publishers, allowing us to successfully compete with major publishers and even to beat them to the market by taking advantage of the available technology and sales channels.”

Inspired by his experiences with e-publishing as well as the rapidly expanding popularity of e-books Douglas has also written an e-book guide to help others create, publish, and sell e-books, called The E-Book Handbook.  All of his guides are available for sale on the Full Stop website as well as on,, and through Apple iBooks and iTunes.  As with all e-books, Full Stop guides are read on a computer, e-reader device such as the Kindle or Nook, or tablet such as the iPad.

Additional camera guides and photography books are planned, and Full Stop is looking forward to further success with independent e-book publishing and the continued growth of e-books, e-reader devices, and digital publishing.  For further information contact Douglas Klostermann at


Online and PDF versions of this press release available here:

Why You Shouldn’t E-Publish on Google Books

It was recently announced that the Harry Potter books will finally be made available in e-book versions, and offered in an arrangement with Google Books.

While this option will provide e-book formats for virtually every e-reader out there, I find this choice for the e-book platform incredibly disappointing due to Google’s unfavorable treatment of all other, independent e-book publishers.  Google Books has, by far, the worse royalty rates of any major site.  They assure you the author receives the majority of revenues.  Yes:  52% and a whopping $100 minimum payout.  Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer 70% and 65% royalties respectively, and a small minimum payout amount, if any.

Google also gives authors no control over previews and by default display an excessive 20% of your content.   The 20% will be the first 20% (plus front and back covers).  For some e-books, it may serve to get the reader interested and they will be compelled to purchase the entire book.  But for other types, this may show too much important content that you don’t wish to share for free.

And the real kicker:  although Google Previews provides purchasing links to your e-book listing on your website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others, you have no control over these links other than your own, and unfortunately they probably won’t work.  As Google explains, they convert your 13 digit ISBN to a 10 digit ISBN, and then use that to locate your book on the retail sites.  But Amazon and Barnes and Noble use unique identifiers anyway and not either ISBN, so your book is not correctly linked to.  Although the issue is known by Google, they choose to not fix it nor manually correct the links.

With other cooperative and responsive major retailers available, this is one more reason that I choose not to use Google Previews and Google eBooks (beyond research purposes for writing my latest e-book).

Learn more about how to create, publish, market and sell an e-book with my e-book about e-books, called The E-Book Handbook.

The E-Book Handbook e book ebook how to create format publish market sell Amazon Kindle Nook iPad for dummies


Publish Your E-Book at Over 20 Sites and Publishers

I came across an e-book service that promises to distribute your e-book to 25 stores, all for a reasonable price of under $50.  While that is a great price for that service due to the time and careful effort that must be put into the process of uploading and entering information to several sites, you should also know that you can do it yourself, in an evening, for free.  My new e-book guide to creating, publishing, marketing, and selling e-books called The E-Book Handbook explains exactly how to publish yourself to all the same sites.

The E-Book Handbook e book ebook how to create format publish market sell Amazon Kindle Nook iPad for dummies

One doesn’t actually have to individually upload the text and info to 25 sites, but rather to just a few and then they distribute your e-book to the other sites.  Once your e-book is complete and properly formatted for the various sites and e-readers like the Kindle and Nook, this publishing process merely involves typing in all your info, adding a description that you will use for all the sites, and uploading your cover and e-book document.  It is a simple step-by-step process that the publishing sites all walk you through pretty well, especially Amazon’s KDP and Barnes and Noble’s PubIt (now Nook Press).  But there are a few additional steps and some follow through, such as getting into Smashword’s Premium Catalog, that you need to be aware of.  And knowing to use Amazon’s Author Central to turn your unformatted e-book description into a nicer formatted description is an example of one of the important tips you might not realize (and that you can learn about in my e-book!).

But don’t be mislead into thinking that getting into 25 stores will exponentially increase your sales and you will become an instant e-book success.  Your goal may be to sell a reasonable 5 books per month at most of the sites for a total of over 100 a month, but the reality is:  all your sales are likely to come from 3 sites, and most of them in the US.  While Smashwords distributes your book to Diesel and Sony, plus to several sites for Kobo and Apple in multiple countries, you will likely achieve few-to-no sales on 80% of those sites.  Hey look, its the 80-20 rule!  The Pareto principle – 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort.  This turns out to be exactly true with e-book sales, according to my experience.

I have sold over 4,500 e-book camera guides in less than 9 months so far, and the combined number of sales from Sony, Diesel, Kobo’s US and 7 international stores: ZERO.  (2013 edit – Kobo sales have increased to about the same level as B&N sales each month. That being said, B&N sales have steadily dropped over the past year, as I suppose people are hesitant to invest in the Nook reader). Sales from Smashwords: not enough to make it worthwhile (4 per month) to undergo their stringent formatting rules and fickle conversion meatgrinder – except that they distribute to Apple.  And due to the iPad and iPhone I believe selling through Apple is a major part of the future of e-books and thus critical.  But as soon as I can distribute to Apple on my own or through someone else, it’s good-bye Smashwords. And come to think of it, it’s been months since I submitted some of the books to Smashwords and they are still nowhere to be found on Sony or Kobo. (2013 edit – You can now easily publish directly to Apple and Kobo, so I stopped publishing on Smashwords and never looked back.)   Submit directly to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (2013-and now Kobo) and your e-books are up for sale in 1 to 3 days. (2013-With Apple, it takes a week or more for the book to be approved and up for sale)

So you really just need to focus on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, (2013: and Kobo, and Apple) and then Smashwords for getting to Apple (plus your own website and blog) to make 100% of your sales.  Mostly really just Amazon and Apple.  I would barely lose any sales if I just used these four sites plus my sites.  Here is a handy chart from my e-book guide The E-Book Handbook to demonstrate this fact:

ebook e book sales distribution apple amazon barnes and noble smashwords nook kindle ipad e-reader
My e-book sales, in terms of percentage of “units” sold, at each of the sites where they are available. (2013-Apple sales have increased to perhaps 3x the B&N sales shown here, and Kobo sales are similar to the B&N level.)

The E-Book Handbook – Now Available!

My latest e-book, The E-Book Handbook, is now available!

The E-Book Handbook – A Thoroughly Practical Guide to Formatting, Publishing, Marketing, and Selling Your E-Book is a comprehensive guide that will help you create, publish, and market your own e-book, and sell it online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iTunes and iBooks – all easily and inexpensively.

The E-Book Handbook e book ebook how to create format publish market sell Amazon Kindle Nook iPad for dummies

It explains how to properly format and convert your text for PDF, tablet, and e-reader versions (such as the Kindle and Nook), create interactive bookmarks and table of contents, and include a book cover and images.  It includes step-by-step instructions for easily uploading and selling your e-book on major retail websites including Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes and Noble through PubIt!, and Apple’s iBooks and iTunes through Smashwords, plus setting up the e-book’s descriptions and author pages – all at no cost.  And it describes how to set up and automate sales and digital delivery from your own website and blog using reliable, low-cost services like E-Junkie and PayPal.

This instant download e-book explains multiple ways to market your e-book to increase sales, including detailed instructions for setting up a website and blog, marketing through various channels on the Internet, optimizing search engine results so that your e-book and sites are found, and monetizing your website and blog through advertising and affiliate programs. The E-Book Handbook also explains how to keep track of and evaluate sales, income, and expenses and offers a detailed spreadsheet to record and monitor this information.  Throughout the text, the guide contains links to every website and retailer discussed, as well as comprehensive lists in the Appendixes.

The E-Book Handbook will provide you with the knowledge and tools to successfully create, publish, market, and sell your own e-book. It includes tips and straightforward information from the author’s experiences as a best-selling e-book writer and publisher, in order to make the process as low-cost and efficient as possible.

The E-Book Handbook is a 112 page, illustrated PDF document that can help turn you into an e-book author and publisher.  This PDF e-book can be read on your computer and printed on your printer, or transferred and read on an iPad, Android, or other tablet, Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader.

Author: Douglas Klostermann
PDF – Instant Download
Page Count:
112 pages, illustrated
ISBN #:  978-1-4524-0474-5
Price: $9.99
secure payment with PayPal or Credit card (via PayPal)
(plus 6.25% sales tax for residents of Massachusetts)

or   Buy Now


Other versions of The E-Book Handbook are available:

The Kindle edition is available on
The Nook edition is available on
The iPad and iPhone version is available through iTunes or through the iBooks App


Doug Klostermann is a travel, culture, and humanitarian photographer and successful, best-selling e-book author and publisher.  He has sold over 4,000 e-book camera guides which are regularly at or near the top of the Kindle and Amazon bestseller lists for Photography Equipment and Reference.

Doug has photographed for numerous organizations in Latin America and the United States, been recognized by the United Nations Development Programme for his humanitarian photography, and been published in magazines and books including Conde Nast Traveler, Sherman’s Travel, South American Explorer, and Viva Travel Guides. Doug is a member of the National Press Photographers Association. View his images at  Learn more about e-books and photography equipment and techniques on his blog Picturing Change at

Two eBooks in the Top Five on Amazon Kindle

Thanks to all those who have read my eBooks, and who hopefully are making use of them to learn to take control of your dSLR and take better photos.  As a result of your interest, two of my dSLR guides are now in the top five bestselling Photography Reference books in the Amazon Kindle store!

Douglas Klostermann book Kindle ebook Nikon D7000 guide

OK, so the rankings change hourly, so that may not last, but I’m thrilled at the moment!

If you are interested in any of my ebook guides to the Nikon D7000, Canon 60D, or Canon T2i and would like to learn more about them please have a look at the PDF versions on my Full Stop eBook website HERE, the Kindle versions on Amazon HERE, and the Nook versions on Barnes and Noble HERE.