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I’ve just completed my guide to the new Nikon D3300, Nikon D3300 Experience – The Still Photography Guide to Operation and Image Creation, which is now available for purchase on my Full Stop website here: Nikon D3300 Experience is an e-book user’s guide that goes beyond the D3300 manual to help you learn when and why to use the various features, […]

I’ve been waiting until I got my hands on the latest new dSLR, so that I could coordinate a camera “field test” with a visit to an exhibit I’ve been wanting to see. The Heritage Museum and Gardens is currently showing an exhibit of concept cars, called Driving Our Dreams, which will be there until […]

I’ve noticed that a lot of searches regarding depth of field (and how to use your aperture to create a blurred or blurry background in your photos, or what is called bokeh) have led to my blog.  I’ve also received some good follow up questions from my previous post about depth of field.  Unfortunately, my […]